Monday, August 10, 2009

August 8 (6 miles)

Settling into the full weight of 26.2 miles must not be easy. Your body starts cursing at you using every dirty word it knows. Your head screams. Your legs twitch like caffeinated cockroaches.

Such thoughts danced around my head today. We raised the bar again, to 6 miles, but with each incremental increase comes the "oh shit" moment. As in, "oh shit, this is going to be a long long freaking run."

Michael and I did our six miles around the east side of Lady Bird Lake. It's funny -- Austin touts the hike and bike trail as its jewel and centerpiece, but if you head east from congress, you end up running along a very busy road, quite far from the lake, and crossing over I-35. It's noisy, polluted, and somewhat sketchy. You have to run across the highway on-ramp.

On the other side, it's all pretty tranquil once you rejoin the trail. We watched the sun set over the lake and the city's warm glow almost made us forget the throbbing pain in our legs. On second thought, the sunset's red splash across the rippling water actually reminded me of blood. A bad omen perhaps? No, more just a reminder of my pounding heart.

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