Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2 (5.1 miles)

Clouds might prove a bad omen for most folks, but for a runner they're a godsend. And if we're getting specific about it, not sure which god is the god of clouds. I know Thor is the god of thunder/lightning/flowing blonde hair, so we'll just give a great big "Wuzzup" to Thor. And, dear Thor, may my locks always be flowing and golden.

A little cloud cover allows you to run longer with less strain. You sprint, you soar, your stride perfect, your breath easy and constant. You feel like Nike, the Greek god of running shoes.

But I ran into another little problem today. Seems I have no white shirts. And those dark shirts absorb whatever sunlight is out there, amplify it, and crank your chest to a medium broil. After a good run in a dark shirt, I could cook eggs on my sternum.

Like today -- I wore a dark green shirt and the damn thing looked like a dirty sponge. I suppose it smelled like one too.

And then the lightbulb above my head kind of dimly lit up and I felt a flash of dazed inspiration. A sponge t-shirt! It could be super lightweight, super absorbant, and stitched together from old sponges. When you take a bath, you could put all your dishes in the tub with you, don the sponge t-shirt, and roll around on all the dishes. Like killing two birds with one sponge.

I imagine before I can find an investor, I'll need to make a prototype. Too bad I don't really wash my dishes. More just a little rinse and the old sniff test. Sometimes I might scrape something off the plate with my fingernails.

In other words, not many sponges around the house. Ah well. I just about a retirement home that discontinued its sponge bath program. Perhaps I can ask them for their leftovers.

All this crazed inspiration from only 5.1 miles. Can't wait to see what I'm imagining after 26.1. Probably an interdimensional running shoe that allows you to jog alongside dolphins. Yikes.

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