Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11 (3.1 miles)

The smell coming off my body today seemed to attract the attention of several dogs along the trail. Perhaps time for a deep scrub cleansing, or something of the sort.

Not to focus too intently on the smells and sweat of this whole endeavor (seems half my writing is devoted to the subject), but it certainly becomes the most salient concern after a short period. We live in a antiseptic, white-washed, fluorescent-bulbed, scrubbed clean happy smile world, and I've never much fit into that. Not that I didn't want to, you see; it's just every time I would get a toothbrush near my mouth, some hidden force would make me throw down the toothbrush and slap myself on the cheek. Perhaps hygiene is not in my DNA.

On an unrelated note, I have noticed something disturbing, and slightly gross. You are now forewarned.

It almost seems perfect -- a sweaty, panting woman seems the height of sexual arousement, doesn't it? Well, perhpas in the abstract. When I am on the trail, seeing an endless stream of bouncing, grunting woman, I don't think about sex. It looks to me like they are each farting, squeezing out painful gas, battling their intestines, perhaps even shitting in their pants. It seriously grosses me out.

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