Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23 (8 miles)

You never know another person's thoughts. You make quick assumptions based on their looks and speech and maybe if they're crawling on the ground or breaking though your front door or drooling on their shirt. But can we really know other people's minds? I hardly even know my own.

Today after running I met a man who shared his mind and I wished hadn't.

I'd just finished a long run, now doing some stretches on the metal bars on Riverside Drive. A young mother was playing with her son, doing jumping jacks. And by the shower was this weird looking fellow, dressed in all red. Red shoes, red shirt, red shorts. He had white socks.

He walked up to me while the woman was doing her jumping jacks and whispered, "I sure like how Mommy's doing her jumping jacks."

And this red-clad creep made me run for the car. Ughhhhhh,

So yeah, can we know the minds of others? Perhaps yes, perhaps no, and perhaps I just don't want to know.

The run was great, though, with me settling into an early rhythm and thinking my crazy thoughts. I vowed to myself that if I could finish this marathon, I would someday walk the entire Pacific Coast, from Mexico to Canada. And I mean to do it, too.

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